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Benefits of SAP Global Trade Services (GTS)

In my first article on SAP GTS I gave an overview of the functionality that SAP GTS covers.

In this article I'll discuss the benefits of SAP GTS to the user.

The benefits that SAP GTS brings to the table include the following:

  • Allows an organization to automate/ streamline its import / export process

  • Helps companies meet with regulatory compliance needs

  • Allows for an expedited customs clearance process

  • The financial risk of global transactions is mitigated

  • Leverage exiting trade agreements to your advantage

SAP GTS is a single source system for meeting global trade requirements. The system

  1. paves the way for management of export / import processes, as well as trade preference and restitution management;

  2. integrates with SAP ERP, SAP SCM, SAP CRM and SAP TM in a standard manner; and

  3. caters to connections to customers and suppliers, banks, freight forwarders and customs agencies.

A few key features of SAP GTS that ensure international compliance include:

a) Sanctioned party-list screening

  • Automatically determine eligibility of partners

  • Leaves a comprehensive audit trail behind of all compliance checks

b) Embargo checking

  • Automatically checks that a country is not on the embargo list

c) Export / Import license management

  • License allocation for products

  • License determination: Does a product require a license?

  • Track remaining quantities of licenses for validity period

d) Product classification

  • Helps streamline the customs process and reduce costs by giving each product the optimum classification

e) Duty calculation

  • Automatically determines the fees that are required, including third country, anti-dumping and preferential duty fees; this will lead to expedited customs clearance

f) Automating communication with government authorities

  • Communicate electronically: Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is used in the US and Automated Export System (AES) used in Europe

g) Paper documents

  • SAP GTS leverages Adobe Forms to allow full flexibility to print packing slips, Certificates of Origin and entry summaries

SAP GTS reduces the risk of regulatory compliance issues. Providing for a lower total cost of ownership for a trade solution, this solution will also help to accelerate import and export processes.

While this is valuable information, how does SAP Event Management relate to the SAP Global Trade Services Solution? Check out our next article in the series on SAP GTS to find out...

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