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Consultant and Road Warrior – What’s in your backpack???

On the golf channel there is a show called “What’s in the bag” where they take a look at what clubs and other goodies are in the famous professional golfers bags. You’ll be amazed at what they have in their bags from the usual drinks, snacks, spare gloves to photos, lucky charms and more….

I thought it would be interesting to hear what folks in our industry, as consultants, have in their bag, especially applicable to the “Road Warriors”.

I’ll start by sharing what’s in my bag…. This is the one I use.

  1. Personal Laptop: Microsoft Surface and power cords

  2. Depending on the client: An additional MacBook Pro, Dell Latitude or HP Notebook

  3. Multiple security badges for each of the applicable clients

  4. Wireless Mouse

  5. iPhone 6s - Haven't upgraded to the latest and greatest ;)

  6. iPhone charging cable

  7. In ear earphones with mic for conference calls and hands-free driving

  8. Car keys (after parking in the usual parking spot at the airport parking garage…)

  9. Parking ticket

  10. Tissues, travel toothbrush and toothpaste (courtesy Virgin Atlantic)

  11. Pens, Pens and more pens

  12. Whiteboard markers because you never know how prepared the clients are – Doesn’t mean that you can’t be.

  13. Post-It notes

  14. Sunglasses

  15. VGA Dongle because the new machine don't typically have VGA ports anymore yet projectors still do - This is the one I use.

  16. Business cards - Be prepared!

  17. ERPGenie.COM magnets (Sometimes folks remember me through the old ERPGenie website so I have something with me to give to them if they wish)

  18. Passport (Yup – After I arrived at the airport, bound for Canada, without my passport, I now carry it in my bag permanently…)

  19. Southwest drink coupons (Useless for me as I hardly ever use them – If you see me on a plane ask me to buy you a drink – No problem…)

  20. A couple of USB thumb drives

  21. A little fitness card deck to stay in shape although nowadays I just do exercises based off an iPhone app

  22. Mophie Power Station - This is the one I use.

That’s it, I’ve gotten to the bottom of my bag, my office on my back, my livelihood… Nothing crazy but everything that you could possibly need, short of a change of underwear, if a situation arises at a client.

One last thing - Most of us have one of the common backpacks like mine. You need to be careful to take the correct back at the airport screening - It's happened to me before when someone tried to take my bag instead of theirs :)

What's in your backpack?

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