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SAP EM and SAP Fiori

An SAP Fiori Application for SAP EM data is available as of SAP EM 9.2. This transactional Fiori application provides the details of SAP Transportation Management freight orders that are monitored using the SAP EM Freight Order Visibility Process, ODT40_TO.

  • Events can also be reported through the Fiori application.

  • SAP JAM collaboration activities (SAP’s social networking tool) can be triggered through the application.

  • The app can be called from any of the analytical apps for freight orders delivered with SAP Smart Business for Event Management.

The SAP TM Freight Order Fiori application serves as a template for another interface into the related SAP EM data but its intended audience is the occasional user. The SAP EM Web UI remains the interface of choice for the power user. SAP Fiori applications have been delivered for the less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment scenario as part of SAP Smart Business for SAP EM.

SAP EM Fiori
SAP EM Fiori

Fiori Applications

  1. Delayed Deliveries (POD): Displays the number of deliveries that have arrived late at the customer’s location. Query view: sap.hba.em.DelayedCompletedDeliveriesQuery

  2. Delayed Deliveries (Total): Displays the deliveries that are delayed (arrived and-in transit) as a percentage of the total number of deliveries. Query view: sap.hba.em.DelayedDeliveriesPercentageQuery

  3. Delayed Deliveries (In Transit): Displays the number of deliveries that are in-transit with a delayed status or that have an overdue POD. Query view: sap.hba.em.DelayedInTransitDeliveriesQuery

  4. Average Delay Time (POD): Displays the average delay for deliveries that arrived with a delayed POD. Query view: sap.hba.em.AverageDelayCompletedDeliveriesQuery

  5. Average Cycle Time Delayed Deliveries POD: Displays the cycle time of deliveries that arrived late at their intended destinations. Query view: sap.hba.em.AverageCycleTimeOfDlydCmpltdDeliveriesQuery

  6. Average Cycle Time of Deliveries: Displays the cycle time, for all completed deliveries, between the actual event date for the beginning of picking and the last event being POD. Query view: sap.hba.em.AverageCycleTimeQuery.

  7. Reporting Compliance: Displays the percentage of events reported on time against the total number of expected events. This analysis measures compliancy with regards to on-time event reporting. Query view: sap.hba.em.OnTimeReportingComplianceQuery

  8. Reporting Completeness: Displays the percentage of reported events against expected events. Query view: sap.hba.em.ReportingCompletenessQuery

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