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SAP System Monitoring Checklist Utility available now!

We just uploaded a template spreadsheet for Application Administrators. It has 50 areas of SAP that need daily monitoring to ensure that your application is operating effectively in production. An essential Utility for any Application Administrator.


  1. Daily checklist is provided for the year 2019

  2. 50 areas covered - Transactions and suggested "normal" measures

  3. Weighting scale - Some stuff is more critical than others (changeable)

  4. Used indicator - Some stuff you simply don't use (changeable)

  5. Area classification - Allows you to filter and share the load among the team (changeable)

  6. Notes area that allows for management to easily see what's going on

  7. Automatic color coding to highlight trouble areas

  8. Automatic generation of an overall score - Color coded to meet your KPIs (changeable)

  9. Guided help, with drop-downs, enforce only the correct values are entered

  10. Sheet protection means that folks can't inadvertently delete a required area

  11. Analytics are built in and are driven by a few variables (changeable) - See the graph below as an example of 2 weeks day I entered

The sample template comes with details in 3 areas that I specialize in:

  1. SAP Event Management (SAP EM) - SAP's track and trace or process monitoring tool

  2. SAP IDocs

  3. SAP Workflow

How do you download it?

You need to first log in to ERPGenie.COM with your account (It's free)

Once logged in you will notice your profile appears as shown below.

Then click the "Documents" menu at the top of the page to access our, ever-expanding, catalog of free material we are offering our subscribers.

From there simply navigate to the "Tips and Tricks" folder and find the file named "SAP EM Technical Monitoring Checklist.xslx" - Download it and it's all yours - PS: you will need a password to make any change to the key fields - No worries there, it is simply "erpgenie" all lower-case. Feel free to take it and adapt it to your application.

"I hope you enjoy it - Feel free to leave me comments for improvements in future versions."
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