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SAP TM Development tips - Integration with SAP EM

In my previous couple of SAP TM / EM related blogs we have covered the needed configuration in order to enable the linking to SAP EM from SAP TM.

In this blog I'm going to highlight some of the key areas required when developing in the SAP TM space, for the SAP EM interface.


Debugging errors in the SAP EM Web UI

Sometimes it’s necessary to stop the SAP EM Web UI in debug mode to see what values are being sent in and retrieved in the BAPI to get the SAP EM data.

To debug the SAP EM Web UI put a user break-point in the code indicated in the figure below.

Web Dynpro component: /SAPTRX/EM_WDA_UI

  • Component Controller > Method: CREATE_LINK_TO_SAP


The SAP EM Application Interface

Where can we find the call to the SAP EM Application Interface?


  • Method CALL_EM_TOR_DATA in class /SCMTMS/CL_EVENT_MANAGEENT which calls

  • Method SEND_TOR_DATA > the SAP Event Management Application Interface (Shown in the figure below)


BAdI to Optimize Communication with Event Management

The following BAdIs are made available to help mold the SAP EM integration.

  • SET_BADI_WORK_MODE: Control the work mode of a BAdI using the parameter CT_WORK_MODE

  • CALL_EVENT_MGR: Add custom logic to fill the application tables and trigger communication with Event Management.

  • GET_ADDITIONAL_DATA: Retrieve Additional Data for SAP EM Communication. If the available number of application tables for the used business process type are not sufficient, this method can be used to add more tables to the table container.

  • PREVENT_EVENT_MSG_SENDING: Manually set Indicator to prevent sending the event to SAP EM. Setting this indicator may improve performance.

  • AVOID_RETRIEVAL_OF_APPL_TABLES: Set indicators to avoid retrieval of unnecessary data. Not all data of the defined application tables that are defined in the standard tables are necessary. Indicators can be set to avoid the retrieval of unnecessary data.


Summary of SAP TM / EM integration

SAP has spent an enormous amount of time fine-tuning the SAP TM to SAP EM integration and have continuously been expanding the scenarios that are covered in order to make SAP TM a more useful tool. SAP EM provides critical execution related functionality that compliments SAP TM’s planning functionality. With the two solutions operating in lock-step with each other your investment in SAP TM is greatly improved.

Note: Once you have implemented SAP EM in conjunction with your SAP TM solution, do not stop there … SAP EM can provide the same pro-active exception management and end-to-end process visibility functionality to all your related Supply Chain processes. Make sure to leverage it to track your Order to Cash (OTC), Procure to Pay (PTP) and Production Order process. You may get your ROI (Return on investment) from SAP TM but extend your usage of SAP EM to ensure you take full advantage of SAP EM as well


Contact us, at ERPGenie, if you wish to discuss opportunities to manage your end-to-end Supply Chain proactively and by exception...

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