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TIP: Configuring the SAP EM Web UI

Daniel Haerder wrote a good blog introducing customizing of the SAP EM Web UI. Check it out here before continuing … Now let’s explore it in more detail.

Reference the following 2 links to give you more ideas around what is possible:

Setting the theme back to SAP standard

Add parameter "&sap-theme=sap_standard" to the end of your URL.

E.g. http://<sapem_server>:8000/sap/bc/webdynpro/saptrx/em_fpm_ui?sap-system-login-basic_auth=X&sap-client=100&sap-language=EN&sap-theme=sap_standard#

Available themes:

  • sap_chrome

  • sap_hcb

  • sap_highcont

  • sap_nova

  • sap_standard

  • sap_tradeshow

  • sap_tradeshow_plus

Configuring the Web UI

Add the parameter “&sap-config-mode=X” at the end of the SAP EM Web UI.

E.g. http://<sapem_server>/sap/bc/webdynpro/saptrx/em_fpm_ui?sap-client=001&sap-language=EN&sap-config-mode=X

  • Right click on a field and select “Settings for current configuration”

  • Right click element and select “Add decorative item”

Can add one of the following:

  • Heading

  • Explanation

  • Formatted Text

  • Horizontal Separator

  • Image

  • Link

  • Text Display

Adding a logo to your SAP EM Web UI

  • Right click on a field and select “Settings for current configuration”

  • Right click PAGE_HEADER_TITLE_CONTENT and select “Add decorative item”

  • Select image

  • Add Image Source, Tool-tip and Location URL to send to

Changing the Text on the Selection Screen

Right-clicking an element allows you to configure that field.

Cross-Application Settings for Web Dynpro ABAP

Use Web Dynpro "WD_GLOBAL_SETTING" to set global web Dynpro settings for all applications.


General Parameters

Adjustments Design and Side-Panel

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