TIP: Do you have duplicate batch jobs running?

Run report BTCAUX04 to check for duplicate jobs running the same programs.

Other interesting batch reports to use:

  1. BTCAUX01 Display and Repair Jobs with Missing Print Parameters

  2. BTCAUX02 Display Jobs with Deleted Printer

  3. BTCAUX03 Utility Program for Archiving Job Logs

  4. BTCAUX04 Identify Periodic Jobs Scheduled More Than Once

  5. BTCAUX05 Select Jobs for Spool Requests

  6. BTCAUX06 Activate Logging for Job Deletion

  7. BTCAUX07 Check Status of Active Jobs

  8. BTCAUX08 Display Start or End of a Job Log

  9. BTCAUX09 Identify Jobs with Deleted Users

  10. BTCAUX10 Schedule Job with Last Execution Date/Time or with Time Window

  11. BTCAUX11 Example Program for Creating Job with Spool List Recipients

  12. BTCAUX14 List Background Jobs by Their Frequency

  13. BTCAUX18 Various Checks for Jobs and Their Logs

  14. BTCAUX20 Deletion of Obsolete Entries from BTCOPTIONS

  15. BTCAUX21 Find Joblogs With Only One Message

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