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UTILITY: Journal Entry (JE) Fiori upload


Financial journal entries are typically limited to being created a single document at a time. There are occasions where the need arises to allow for the upload of multiple (or large numbers of) documents at a time.

Customers may deploy various techniques to accomplish this like making using of Win Shuttle to upload spreadsheets or other 3rd party applications.


Category: Bulk Journal Entry upload utility leveraging SAP Fiori

This Fiori app can replace the need for a Win Shuttle upload and gives the user flexibility to download the error records in the same upload format to make corrections and re-upload the corrected file.

The Fiori app supports .csv, .xls or .xlsx file formats for upload. The user can first validate the file and then park / post the Journal Entries (JE) into the system. It also generates an email to the approver for each JE record in the file

Another great feature of the app is that the position of the fields in the field can be changed without affecting the functionality. Field definitions just require adding it to the config mapping table and the underlying code will handle it dynamically without the need to change any code.

SAP Fiori App
SAP Fiori App

Application Highlights

  • Upload multiple Journal Entries in one run

  • Download errors in Journal Entry Postings

  • Easily re-upload corrections to Journal Entry postings

  • Customizable field mapping

  • .CSV, .XLS, .XLSX file formats accepted

  • Journal Entries can be validated and parked for approval

  • Approval email sent for each Journal Entry made


  • SAP NW GW 740

  • SAP ERP ECC 6.0 - FI GL with GW and OData with any underlying database



JE file template
JE file template

The mapping of the JE excel header and item fields (from the template) to the back-end JE posting program is configurable to map dynamically to the underlying structures that post the JE records .

The App

The header area is collapsible

The buttons "Validate", "Park", "Post" and "Error Report" are used as described below:

  • Validate : The JE records in the file are validated without being Parked or Posted in to the system

  • Park: The JE records are parked in the system and an email is sent to the approver to login to SAP to check the accounting documents which are parked. They then approve the JE's at which time they are posted into the system

  • Post: The JE records are directly posted into the system for those which were not previously Parked

  • Error Report: Once this option is selected the records that failed to Park or Post for any reason will get downloaded in the same original JE file format , so that users can correct the file and re-post the corrected entries

Example Validation Error

Example Validation Error
Example Validation Error

Example Validation Error

To get more information on pricing for installation and implementation of the app please contact

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