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What does SAP GTS tracking look like in SAP EM?

Demonstrating the SAP GTS Solution within SAP EM.

With this last piece in place, the core SAP EM configuration is available to give a demo. The figure below shows the selection screen, based on the selection profile, after having selected “Export Customs Document Tracking Scenario” from the scenario drop-down list.

Export Customs Document Tracking Web UI Selection
Export Customs Document Tracking Web UI Selection

After having selected the appropriate search criteria, and clicked the “Search” button, the corresponding data is returned in the Search Results screen.

Export Customs Document Tracking Web UI Result screen
Export Customs Document Tracking Web UI Result screen

Potential SAP EM Integration Points with SAP GTS

The following is a short list where SAP EM can be leveraged to provide great value to an existing SAP GTS process:

  • Manage License Application process: SNAP-R -> Simplified Network Application Process

  • Managing AES (Automated Export System) or EEI (Electronic Export Information) filing for exports

  • On the import side, SAP EM can help with Import Security Filing ISF (ISF) or sometimes called 10+2. This process involves the filing of information for the shipment and carrier during transit. This process is time-sensitive and hard to control. The ISF is required to be submitted to CBP (Customs and Border Protection) no later than 24 hours prior to the cargo being loaded on the vessel destined to the United States. With SAP EM managing this service level, deadlines can be ensured.

  • Managing import status throughout the clearing process. Pro-actively react to delays in customs.

  • Supporting preference processing (ex: NAFTA) from a LTVD (Long-term vendor declaration) management perspective.

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