SAP Global Track and Trace

With every Supply Chain we are striving to achieve the following...

To provide the consumer the right product in the right quantity at the right time with the right paperwork at the lowest possible cost with the least impact to the environment and people


SAP Global Track and Trace (SAP GTT) is a cloud service provided by SAP.  With the SAP Global Track and Trace service your company can monitor and manage events across your distributed processes involving partners, inventories and assets. It captures events from your system and your partners systems, analyzes them against it's predefined plan and triggers alerts to the required people to react when deviations are found.

“Deliver on your promise to customers by tracking the status and fulfillment of processes and goods in transit across your global inbound, manufacturing, and fulfillment chain. With SAP Global Track and Trace, you can get real-time insights into the availability of materials and products to reduce supply chain risks and optimize costs” – SAP’s definition of SAP GTT
Business Drivers

​The risk of disruption to the Supply Chain causing huge harm to the business has increased immensely over the last several years due to…

  • Rising customer service level expectations

  • Fierce global competition – if you don’t get it right there are several alternatives waiting to take your place

  • Rising transportation costs

In order to limit the impact of these disruptions businesses need to improve Visibility in to all related Supply Chain events from ALL business partners involved in the extended Supply Chain. Real-time insights to all stakeholders in the business process...

As business and requirements increase, so does the need for systems to scale to meet this increased demand. SAP GTT, as a cloud offering is available to scale on demand.

It has always been a challenge to engage with Supply Chain business partners to gain access to their Supply Chain events, without which we have "holes" in the visibility to the Supply Chain. SAP GTT provides apps to allow for the easy on-boarding of Supply Chain partners.

Managing master data across disparate systems is typically a challenge when trying to track business processes across several systems and several partners.​

Key Capabilities

  • As the process unfolds, understand how a business process is executing as it relates to its plan

    • Identify any discrepancies at the time it occurs - Time to Insight

    • Address any deviations as and when they occur - Time to Action

  • Onboard business partners - Integrate with back-end ERP systems​

  • Capture events for any Supply Chain data source - match the events up with a business process

  • Process Status Management - Adjust the status as and when Supply Chain events are consumed

  • Analyze the business process data and gain insights in to opportunities to improve

Common Use Cases
  • Sales Order fulfillment - Ensuring DIFOTAI (Delivery In Full, On Time and Accurately Invoiced) - Measure end-to-end OTC (Order To Cash) milestones (Sales Order schedule) against the execution of those Supply Chain events

  • Procurement - Ensuring on-time delivery from your suppliers - Measure end-to-end PTP (Procure To Pay) milestones (PO schedule) against the execution of those Supply Chain events

  • Goods in Transit - Reduce operating costs by tracking outbound and inbound shipments to ensure customer satisfaction and receiving efficiency

SAP's vision for SAP GTT